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Employment and Engagement Services 

Our Goal

Our goal is to support people with developmental disabilities to work and connect their communities. 

What is community Inclusion? 

Community Inclusion Eligibility Requirements 

Community inclusion is available to clients who have participated in nine months of DDA employment services and choose to add Community Inclusion. Clients 62 years or older may participate in Community Inclusion without having to first participate in nine months of employment services. It is available for clients on the Basic Plus and Core waivers, clients receiving Road to Community Living (RCL), in Skilled Nursing Facilities (PASRR), and Residential Habilitation Centers (RHC). An Exception rule can be requested if clients have not or do not want to participate in 9 months of employment services. 

What is community engagement? 

Community Engagement services develop creative, flexible, and supportive community resources and relationships. 

These services help connect individuals to resources in their local society and supports them to participate, engage, and integrate into the community.

Community Inclusion services take place in community settings among other individuals without disabilities. Client interests guide activities and provide opportunities  typically experienced typically experienced by the general public of similar age. The activities are accessible by public transit or a reasonable commute from their home. The goal is to support clients to participate, contribute, and develop relationships with community members who are not paid staff. 

A community engagement provider will:

- Meet with you to discuss goals stated in the Person

- Centered Service Plan developed by you and your case manager, and help you develop specific goals related to engaging with the community. 

-Assist you with developing strategies to connect with community resources, based on your interest and needs. 

-Help you develop healthy relationships with local community members

-Support you participating in community activities within your identified budget. 

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