Petition to tell Governor Inslee: Cuts Cause Crisis!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Make YOUR voice heard today. Let's collect thousands of signatures and let Governor Inslee know that these cuts will be dire to people with disabilities! Let policy-makers in our state know that #CutsCauseCrisis - Click Here to Sign the Petition As the pandemic (Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19) has hit our state’s economy, Governor Inslee issued an order to all state agencies to submit proposed cuts to their budget of 15%. For the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), that means cutting $140,000,000 from their budget! This is unprecedented! Never has DDA been required to slash so much in life-sustaining services. Included in DDA’s proposal:

  • Change eligibility for Washington’s Medicaid state plan to increase functional eligibility requirements WILL END SERVICES for THOUSANDS of Medicaid clients in home and community settings

  • Cut people from the 5 Home & Community Based Services Waivers, don’t allow new placements;

  • Reduce respite hours for eligible clients. No new children’s enhanced respite beds and crisis stabilization for children;

  • Cut 1.8% supported living rate increase from 2020 session;

  • Cut rates and staff to transition clients from hospitals;

  • 5% rate reduction for Individual and Group Supported employment;

  • ELIMINATE the Community Crisis Stabilization Services

  • ELIMINATE Adult Family Home Meaningful Day programs

  • RATE CUT for in-home providers, Adult Residential Care, Adult Family Homes, and employment and community integration providers




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