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Residential Options: Children

Life Works operates two children’s staffed residential homes

  • The CRIS (Children’s Rehabilitative Intensive Support) Home works with children, male or female, ages 6 - 18 who have very high needs, are often non-verbal, sometimes have physical disabilities, and often have behavior issues.  Activity in the house is high and it can be noisy. Up to four children can live in the home and an extra bedroom is available for a respite care under a separate contract with DDD. Families can sign up for a week of respite care which provides them a break from ongoing care demands to rest, refresh, and recharge. 
  • The REACH (Realizing Empowering Achieving Children's Hope) Home licensed to serve up to 4 children between the ages of 6 and 18 who have significant behavior issues. The staff in this home help children to gain control of the behaviors, and understand how to get what they want in safe and healthy ways. They help children be successful in school by working closely with teachers and attending school with children when necessary.

In both homes, staff work with families to develop a plan that outlines what parents and staff will do to make sure that children get the medical and personal care they need.  Staff will attend doctor appointments with children and parents, help set up and administer medications, and help children bathe and dress when necessary.  Staff cook meals and sit with the children at meal times.  We supply the group homes with vans to transport children to school, community activities, medical and dental appointments, and sometimes just out for fun events.

Children placed in these group homes often live there until they graduate from school at which time they move into adult Supported Living Services.  Some children, however, learn to manage their behaviors are able to return home to their families.

Children who live in these group homes often have families who are very involved, visit many times a week, and take their child home for weekends and holidays when their child is able to maintain safe behavior.  Children often have complicated medical and medication needs that the staff help sort out with families and physicians