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Giving Back Matters to AmeriCorps Member Megan Peaker

Cowlitz AmeriCorps Network (CAN) is an organization sponsored by Life Works that is dedicated to increasing health, education and safety in the local community by placing 34 members in non-profits, schools, public agencies and community and faith-based groups to serve 11 month terms.

We would like to introduce you to Megan Peaker, a member of CAN. Her host site is Lower Columbia College – Career Counseling and Employment Services, where she is responsible for helping students choose their degrees and fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), in addition to assisting them with job search skills and writing resumes and cover letters.

Like many young adults, Megan went to college and was left wondering what to do with her education after she graduated. Without direction, Megan found it difficult to cope with the uncertainty in her life. She started volunteering at the Habitat Store, where the manager (a CAN alumnus) suggested she apply for the team; she was accepted and assigned to her current host site. At LCC, she enjoys working with all kinds of people and was happy to notice that very few were overtly rude in what is often a high-stress situation. The 2012-2013 CAN team has been a learning experience for her. She has been trained in balancing money and writing reports and timesheets, and she has learned about different communication styles and how important the non-profit sector truly is. Megan feels she has developed into a better person overall as a result of he  involvement with CAN -- it has helped her to find a purpose and has changed her outlook on the world. As a stronger, more independent person, she is now able to give back in a way that matters.